Fishing Near Cottonwood Cabins in Riverside, WY (Carbon County, Platte River Valley)

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Fishing Near Cottonwood Cabins in Riverside, Wyoming

If you’re looking for stunning mountain views and incredible fishing, the Riverside, Wyoming area is your destination. Nearby fishing spots include the North Platte River, the Encampment River, the Little Snake River, a multitude of crystal alpine lakes, Saratoga Lake and more.  According to the Wyoming Bureau of Tourism, there are over 27,000 miles of rivers, 4,200 lakes, and 14 reservoirs that are home to 22 species of fish.  Cottonwood Cabins is a great home base to explore all of the amazing fishing areas that southern Wyoming has to offer.  Fishing is available all four seasons in this area, so no matter what time of year you are visiting you'll have plenty of options to explore.

One of the nearby favorite places to fish close to Cottonwood Cabins is the Treasure Island Access Area.  Approximately ten miles from Riverside, this location can be accessed off of Highway 230 when heading towards Saratoga from Riverside.  Known for big trout, this is a spot to check out during your visit!

Other local fishing spots to check out:

  • Blue Ribbon Trout fishing on the North Platte River, through the Upper Platte Valley
  • Fishing via power boat Hog Park Reservoir (25 miles south of Encampment in the Sierra Madre Range)
  • Seminoe Reservoir (a short drive north of Rawlins, Hanna and Medicine Bow)
  • Saratoga Lake (5 miles north of Saratoga)
  • High Savery Reservoir located just off County Road 401 between Rawlins (Hwy 71 south from Rawlins turns into County Road 401) and Savery

Additional Resources:

Wyoming Bureau of Tourism:

Carbon County Wyoming Tourism:

Wyoming Fish & Game Department:


For a fun family outing, visit the Saratoga National Fish Hatchery.  The fish hatchery was established in 1911. In addition to maintaining one of the largest lake trout broodstock populations, this facility also raises the endangered Wyoming Toad. For additional information, check out their website at


Happy fishing and exploring!